Alex Newman

Posted on November 28 2017

For Halloween we had plans to head to Shindig. We were so fucked, the disposable cameras didn't even make it past the flat. Here's a concoction of images pre and post Shindig. Next time...we'll chain the disposables to our bucket hats...


James in our Constellation Shacket

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On the way to pres.

A selfie of a selfie. [Buy this unisex Purple/Pink shirt here.]

We're now into post-sesh. Honestly...we forgot the fuckin camera.

Connor. He's Irish. Studying at uni in Newcastle and lives here. Has v good banter.

Connors mate. We think his name is Ben. And if it's one hundred percent began with a B. He has a nice shirt. We need some of these at Paradice soon.

The host and the hostess. Two of the best people you could ask for. We love you. 


We clearly didn't like chairs at this point. [Buy this unisex Purple/Pink shirt here.]

No idea who the guy is in the white T-Shirt. Sorry buddy....

Back on the chairs again! A very happy family. Pretty sure Joey Essex is on the floor though...

Jamie is wrecked and needs his beauty sleep. Bless him.

Sesh1 banter.

CYRILLLLL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The topic of octopuses and deep sea creatures. Danny went David Attenborough on us and apparently there was deep sea creatures in the living room. Hysterical.


Heyyyyyy, he's back in the room.

Sarah's ready for peepies.

So is JimJam. [Buy this unisex Purple/Pink shirt here.]

Ciaran in our Lightweight Blue Parka.

We lost the disposable camera with absolutely no memory or clue of where it had went. Cyril found it a week later under his kitchen table and brought it back to us on his motorbike. Nice one!

See you at Christmas.

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